Resolute Elevator LLC is a local North Carolina based company specializing in the installation, modernization, service and repair of elevators, Modular Elevator Systems, LU/LA elevators, and accessibility lifts.

We serve all of the mid-southeast with quality materials, exceptional safety, and customer service.

As an independent company we are able to provide our clients with a wide variety of products and services while still saving them time and money on their project. Resolute Elevator LLC takes pride in being able to offer the safest and most innovative products in the vertical industry.

Modular Elevator Systems

Resolute Elevator provides the Carolinas with the latest technology in the vertical transportation industry. Click to learn more about our Modular Elevator Systems.

Architects Resources

We now offer AIA Continuing Education Credits LU and HSW. Our course “Modular Elevator Systems 101” is an“AIA CES Registered” course. Contact us today to schedule your lunch-and-learn.

Elevator Modernization

Over the lifespan of these aging elevators many of the parts have become outdated or obsolete. This makes it difficult to acquire parts and leads to increased down time. Modernizing these elevators will bring them up to current code and ADA Standards and improve efficiency.

How is Resolute Elevator Different?

Non-Proprietary Equipment Saves Money
Innovative Processes Save Time
Breaking Tradition

Products and Services

Modular Elevator Systems

Modular elevator Systems are the future in vertical transportation. These elevators lead the industry in safety since they are assembled horizontally in a climate controlled facility and then craned into place.

Since everything is already assembled inside of the hoistway prior to shipping, once it’s on site it is only a few short days before the elevator is running. The time that an install crew is onsite with a conventional elevator can be weeks even months in some cases, Modular elevators save this crucial time and saves everyone money.

Commercial Elevators

Resolute Elevator offers all commercial elevator applications including: Hydraulic, Hydraulic MRL, Traction MRL.

We also specialize in the modernization of elevator equipment, repairs and service.​

LU/LA & Accessibility Lifts

LU/LA (Limited Use /Limited Access)

This is the ideal elevator for the buyer that is looking to save on space.

If a LU/LA is sill infringing on space restraints, a wheelchair lift or some of our other ADA Accessibility lifts maybe a better choice

Ready to Start Your Elevator Design?

Be Detailed

Downloadable detailed layout drawings for your project.

Be Specific

We can supply you with custom specifications for your project.

Be Creative

Create your custom elevator cab using our cab configurator.

Quality of work

At Resolute Elevator we only provide industry leading quality work. We pride ourselves in providing technical training and customer service knowledge to all of our personnel.

Modernized Elevators

Conventional Commercial Elevators

Modular Elevators

LU/LA Elevators

Wheelchair Lifts

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