Revolution Mill

Greensboro, NC

Glass Back Modular Elevator Install

Greensboro, NC/September 19th 2016 – Resolute Elevator LLC is set to install a Phoenix Modular Elevator in the newly renovated Revolution Mill complex located on Revolution Mill Drive, Greensboro, NC on September 29th, 2016 at 8AM. Phoenix Modular President and Resolute Elevator owners will be present along with the project managers, other interested General Contractors and architects. A brief presentation and question and answer session will be held immediately following the event at 9 am.
Revolution Mill, an historic building originally built in 1898, is now being completely restored and revitalized into a multitude of uses, including living, working and shopping spaces, and businesses. The developers of Revolution Mill were looking for a center piece for the amphitheater courtyard. This glass back modular elevator is just the work of art that they needed to finish the overall beauty of the courtyard. This modular elevator installation at Revolution Mill will be the first of its kind in Greensboro. The modular elevator consisting of a prefabricated hoistway and pre-installed elevator equipment will be craned into position in less than an hour. ​

Resolute Elevator LLC installs high quality modular elevators manufactured in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. A modular elevator is comprised of a superior welded structural steel hoistway that contains the elevator rails, hydraulic jack, pit ladder, pit light, pit GFCI, hoistway door system, all related wiring and the car pre-installed inside. They are self-supporting and built to withstand extreme seismic activity and hurricane force winds. Modular elevators are manufactured horizontally, shipped by truck to the jobsite, and set into place with a crane. The modular elevator design eliminates the need for construction of an elevator shaft, providing huge savings of time and money while increasing safety on the jobsite by eliminating the fall hazard associated with conventional elevator shafts. The modular design reduces total installation time from several months to a week or less.

​Resolute Elevator is a HUB Certified, Woman-Owned independent elevator company that sells, installs, modernizes, and services commercial elevators and other mobility equipment. Resolute Elevator is an authorized distributor for Phoenix Modular Elevator and other non-proprietary commercial elevator products in North and South Carolina.

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